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Beach Spotlight: Palm Beach, Aruba

Known as the "Happy Island," Aruba is blessed with bright clear skies (more sunny days than any other Caribbean island!) and gentle trade winds practically every day of the ye (MORE)
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6 Major Airlines That Fly to St. Thomas

With miles of sandy beaches and sunny skies, the islands of the Caribbean are a favorite destination for people around the world. St. Thomas, one particularly popular destinat (MORE)
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5 Places to Stay in Aruba for Relaxing and Fun Vacation

Aruba is one of the more popular island destinations in the Caribbean. When it comes to a vacation in Aruba, where to stay is an important decision that you have to make in or (MORE)
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Buying Aruba Aloe Products

Since 1890, Aruba Aloe has grown aloe plants on the Caribbean island of Aruba.The company has since grown into a larger corporation that sells and manufactures high-end aloe p (MORE)